10 Affirmations To Read For Healthier And Happier Days

By on 06/11/2016

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Emotional support and encouragement, or affirmations, are ways to keep yourself motivated and driven to succeed in all realms of your life. Whether it is your love life, your career or your personal journey to wellness. We are constantly changing, as is the world that surrounds us. That being said, we are always in need of reminders that everything is going to be okay, despite our unforeseeable futures. The scariest thing that human beings know to be true is that we are never positive what could happen in the next minute, the next day and the next year. While this notion could lead us to hide in our homes and avoid society in hopes that we would never be hurt or damaged, this seclusion would really be worse for us. Instead, people get out of bed, go to their jobs, go on dates and hope that they are making their lives better with each decision they make.

Sometimes, though, it is more difficult to get up in the morning. You may have had a rough night or you are worrying about the future, but this is when you need that extra support. While hearing motivational pep talks from your loved ones can always be beneficial, there are easy ways to allow yourself a chance to be inspired and encouraged throughout the day in your own terms: affirmations. I like to label my alarm on my cell phone with a different affirmation so that I start each morning off right. When I have a big exam or an interview, I read an affirmation about my work and education.

The important thing about reading affirmations is not to just read the words but to truly believe in them. Belief is the first step to achieving any goal. Will you ever accomplish a task if you tell yourself you can’t? No. Likewise, your life will not be enriched if you disallow yourself the opportunity to sincerely believe that it can be better. The more you practice reciting affirmations, the more you are able to open your heart and mind to saying yes and being more than you could have ever imagined being.

If you are trying to find some inspiration in your life, here are ten affirmations that can benefit you while you are going through your day. They are wonderful ways to remind yourself that no matter what the day brings to you, you have the power and ability to make the best of it all.


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1. “My Life Is Just Beginning”.

Remind yourself that today is the first day of the rest of your life, and it will give you an essence of a fresh start each time you wake up to a new day.

2. “With Each Day Comes Opportunity To Inspire And Be Inspired”.

There is inspiration all around us. The sky, the trees and the people that we pass by are all capable of inspiring us. Remember that and you will not only be filled with inspiration, but you will also be an entity that inspires others.

3. “I Am Encompassed By Love, & For That I Am Thankful”.

Love is all around us, whether we know it or not. This affirmation will remind us that love is everywhere and that we are more than capable of giving and receiving the love that we deserve.

4. “Everything Will Be All Right In The End. If It Is Not All Right, Then It Is Not The End”.

Hope makes the future much less frightening. Even on days when we do not think things can get worse, this instills the idea that things are always meant to get better. This will encourage patience for better days and understanding and acceptance for the darker days in the meantime.

5. “I Have Courage, Patience & An Ability To Utilize Both”.

You are strong and you know how virtuous a heap of patience can be. While you are able to speak your mind when you know you must, you also have the ability to hold your tongue and turn the other cheek. Both traits are tremendously admirable and will provide you with a better insight on how to manage everyday situations (even the difficult ones.)

6. “I Release All Negative Feelings In Me About People, Incidents & Anything Else. I Forgive Everyone Associated With Me”.

Forgiveness will allow you to relieve yourself of a massive burden. While you could waste your time loathing your enemies, why not forgive and forget and look forward to better moments on the horizon.

7. “I May Not Have Everything, But I Do Not Have Nothing & That In Itself Is A Blessing”.

We may not have it all, but all we have is more than enough.

8. “The World Is A Better Place Because Of What I Create”.

You make a difference, whether you know it or not. Your smile can change a stranger’s day. Your compassion is infectious and your spirit is felt by everyone wherever you go.

9. “Today Is A Chance To Learn From Yesterday”.

Whatever cards were dealt to you in the past can be used to make a better hand for yourself in the present.

10. “My Mistakes Benefit Me By Making Me Wiser & Stronger, So I Should Not Be Afraid Of Failure, Because Even Failure Results In Some Aspect Of Winning”.

There is no such thing as failure- so long as you know that even the biggest mistakes can provide you with the greatest insight and strength.

Cashie Rohaly
Cashie is a 20-something studying journalism at Indiana University. Her passion for people and the world around her inspires her to write. It is her firm belief that writing is her way of giving free therapy to those who are in need of it.

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