13 Secrets Of A Healthy Girl

By on 06/11/2016

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We all know women who exude health and are vibrant with energy. Their skin and hair glows, their eyes are bright, and they have that extra little kick in their step. Do you ever wonder how they are so healthy? What do they do besides the obvious things like eating in moderation and exercising? Below are the secret scoops on what healthy girls know to keep themselves healthy all year round:


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1. Schedule A Cheat Day.

Healthy girls are not fans of depriving themselves, so they reserve a day once a week to enjoy those foods they enjoy most. The cheat day gives them something to look forward to. When they are eating lean meats, vegetables and wholegrains throughout the week, they know that piece of cake is waiting for them on the weekend. This makes them less likely to slip into any bad habits of overindulging on sweets and junk foods through the week. Keeping their diet balanced and comprising of mostly healthy foods.

2. Get Creative With Substitutes.

Healthy girls love their traditional foods just like everyone else. Such as Mexican food that traditionally is loaded with calorie-dense food but instead of tortillas they might substitute with lettuce cups. They might choose grilled vegetables instead of beans and rice and remember chillies help with digestion and can speed up your metabolism so if you can handle it, go spicy!

3. Get Rid Of Temptations.

Healthy girls know what temps them and take measures to ensure they will not lose control and slip on their healthy eating lifestyle. When they reach for a sweet treat, they might break it in half and throw away part of it to ensure they don’t overindulge before eating. They get the pleasure they were seeking, but without the guilt of over doing it.

4. Keep Healthy Foods Around.

Healthy girls know that the key to healthy eating and snacking is to keep them stocked at home or within their work environment. Ensuring there is something healthy to snack on will help you to avoid those unhealthy eating impulses and keep you feeling satisfied to keep those nasty cravings away.

5. Find Flavor Outside Of Fats.

Healthy girls seek their flavor outside the common sources of oil and butter. They source them from herbs, spices, fruit juices such as lemon, orange or red wine vinegar for dressings.

6. Ward Off Illness Before It Happens.

Healthy girls know that a strong immune system is imperative to good health and that a constant healthy lifestyle is needed to keep it in top form. They optimize their immunity by eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting at least 8 hours sleep a night.

7. Sinc Water Sips.

Healthy girls know that staying hydrated is a must to keep a constant healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are mostly made of water, so water intake each day is needed to keep the body functioning at its best. Healthy girls might sinc their water intake with their watch by ensuring they drink at least half a litre by 10am, a litre by 12 noon and another litre by 5pm. Doing this will ensure you have had adequate intake of water throughout the day. Water aids the body in digestion, and the bonus is when you are properly hydrated the skin looks amazing. Try squeezing in some lemon or lime to spice up the water if you get bored with plain old H2O.

8. Small Changes Make A Big Difference.

Healthy girls don’t overload themselves with big changes that are unrealistic. This just causes stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. Make small changes such as shopping from local resources such as a farmers market, swapping white rice for brown or your morning coffee for a cleansing herbal tea. Small, realistic changes can become a part of your lifestyle a lot easier, giving you confidence to make further changes to get you on track to a healthier lifestyle.

9. Find Time For Themselves.

Healthy girls make time for themselves and let out their inner creativity. They do what makes them feel inspired, confident and happy. They make space for “me time” and check in on their emotions and where they currently are in life. They list dreams, read, write, keep journals or anything else that might get them in tuned to what’s going on inwards.

10. Turn Off Screens To Sleep.

Healthy girls know the importance of sleep. They know that even the most healthy eating and exercise pattern does not matter if they are sleep deprived. Turning all of your electronics off an hour before bed and winding down by having a warm bath, being by candlelight, or reading a few chapters from a book will help you wind down to enjoy a good nights rest.

11. Never Skip Breakfast.

This is an oldie but a goodie but healthy girls know just how essential breakfast is. Eating breakfast is filling your body with fuel for the day. Giving you mental and physical energy to take on the day. A balanced breakfast of protein and fibre will tell your body it’s ready for what the day entails.

12. Take The Correct Vitamins.

Healthy girls know what vitamins they need. Instead of taking numerous vitamins, that can counteract each other they ensure what they are taking are right for them and their unique bodily needs. Not everyone needs the same supplement. Some multivitamins are made for different age groups and contain many different nutrients, some for men, some for women.

13. Find The Root Cause Of Symptoms.

Healthy girls don’t sit on things when something doesn’t feel right. They understand that to keep optimal health the underlying cause of a symptom must be dealt with instead of just treating the symptoms. Such as a headache; instead of just taking a pain killer they will assess whether this headache could be due to dehydration and will properly hydrate to treat the root cause.

Tina Byfield
Tina is a Certified Health Coach, Nutritional Medicine Student and Wellness Blogger. She is passionate about natural living, inspiring & informing women about health and experiencing the amazing adventure called life! In her spare time she enjoys trekking, reading and painting. Find her at

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